To Change the World You Must Change

With everything that’s happened in the past year, and with so many of us working from home now, there’s been a shift in everything we do. But one thing I’ve noticed with friends, family and neighbors that has been getting over looked, is making time for YOU. Your mental health depends on it! And untilContinue reading “To Change the World You Must Change”

Welcome to 2021

A new year usually means new goals and resolutions, right? After 2020, we’ve mixed it up a little. Sure, we plan on losing the “COVID 20” sometime soon, but this year, we’re kicking it off with doing projects around our new house. Starting with the front door. What was wrong with our old door? Oh,Continue reading “Welcome to 2021”

Christmas 2020

It’s been a little over a year now since my mom passed. I’ll tell you that story another day, but since then, we have lost 4 loved ones. This past year has brought a lot of ups and downs, heartache and joy. But through it all, I think we’ve all grown in ways we’ve neverContinue reading “Christmas 2020”

Pictures don’t lie

There comes a time at the beginning of every year where many humans, myself included, decide to be healthier!┬áSo I decided to jump on the band wagon of weight loss! I have a food and water plan in place, plus movement (notice I didn’t say exercise) plan in place to reach my goal. It’s doableContinue reading “Pictures don’t lie”

The person in the mirror.

Someone walked up to me today and asked, “How do you make friends?” I gave her a puzzled look so she added, “No really. I don’t know how. I know plenty of people but I don’t really have a real friend.” And that’s when I noticed the tears welling up in her eyes. So IContinue reading “The person in the mirror.”