All About YOU week is coming!

This week was the rest of color week (Red) and the beginning of putting yourself in front of the camera. So how many of you mentally just said, “Ummm… no.” Or maybe you mentally pictured yourself mostly hidden behind something or someone else in the picture? Let me just start out by saying, that God didn’t put you here to hide. You were meant to be seen. You are meant to be loved and give love. You are meant to make a difference to somebody.

That being said, I believe half of the pictures are in the next collage, but we’ll start with these! And because everything has a story, this is mine for the week.

If you scroll down to the photo, the beautiful fabric in the top left corner is actually my camera strap. I got it for Christmas last year and it’s still going strong! Plus, it’s red like me.

Next is me with my 5 month old teddy bear, Pippin! He LOVES hugs and I love to receive them so this was right after he jumped up for another one. And his goofy hair cut in the front… he couldn’t see and that’s all he would hold still for. I still need to finish. Lol.

My hair. I get sooo many questions about my hair. When my hair is damp, and this is a must, I use mousse on the roots (use whatever your hair likes that won’t break the bank) and flip my head upside down to blow dry it! The secret is keeping your head upside down until it’s dry. Then I curl it with a large curling iron, spray it, shake it, make sure my part’s in the right place, give it a finishing spray, and then I let it do it’s own thing. It has a life of it’s own. I’ve learned that for me, if I keep it longer, my hair is more tame. When it’s shorter, let’s just say we don’t get along and it’s a love / hate relationship. So long it is!

Then there’s Taylor. He wants to be just like his brothers in basketball, so Lance is coaching his team. If you never try then you’ll never know how good you can be.

The paint swatches. For work, I go to a lot of ribbon cuttings when a business opens and this one was for Sherwin Williams! Aside from being able to mix any color you need, They also have classes for fun projects! My mind was racing with possibilities!

And finally there’s the flower. Our office had a continuing education training all day, so we were stuck inside. This picture is from the center pieces on all of the tables.

The word prompts I may have followed, or I may have done my own thing, are these:

  1. Exposing your red.
  2. From Behind
  3. Delightful
  4. Pop of Color
  5. Contemplative
  6. You

Be confidently, genuinely, imperfectly you,


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I am a mom, who is lucky enough to be married to an amazing, handsome, funny, talented ( i could keep going with this ) husband. And we have 4 amazing boys, and a fur-baby named Pippin. My passions are my family, friends, photography, scrapbooking, trying new recipes, reading, sports, the mountains, I'm a closet Lord of the Rings nerd... my list is long, so let's just end it here! :) This blog is to show you the world through my eyes. I hope we can help add that little bit of sunshine to your day!

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