To Change the World You Must Change

With everything that’s happened in the past year, and with so many of us working from home now, there’s been a shift in everything we do. But one thing I’ve noticed with friends, family and neighbors that has been getting over looked, is making time for YOU. Your mental health depends on it! And until we’ve made it a habit to love who we are inside and out, all of the pieces don’t quite fit together like they should.

This image is something from me to you to remind us all to not blame, point fingers and tear each other apart, but to take a step back. Remember that you can like the person you see in the mirror. You can even love the person you see in the mirror. So what do you need to do to get there? How can we love thy neighbor as thyself if we don’t love ourselves first?

I challenge you to start with this… Before you go to bed tonight, look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself two compliments. Then, when you wakeup in the morning, give yourself two more compliments. It could be something like, “I am patient.” “I am grateful.” Start out simple but don’t stop. The more you do it the more you believe the words you are telling yourself. One day you’ll see those words become apart of your actions too. Just don’t stop!

Until next time, be humble, loving and kind to yourself,


Published by dawnnichole

I am a mom, who is lucky enough to be married to an amazing, handsome, funny, talented ( i could keep going with this ) husband. And we have 4 amazing boys, and a fur-baby named Pippin. My passions are my family, friends, photography, scrapbooking, trying new recipes, reading, sports, the mountains, I'm a closet Lord of the Rings nerd... my list is long, so let's just end it here! :) This blog is to show you the world through my eyes. I hope we can help add that little bit of sunshine to your day!

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