Poof! It’s December…

It seems like only yesterday that I was starting to blog and set goals. I had the right ideas and plenty of good intentions, but good intentions can only get you so far. Without commitment and action, it’s only a dream. To sum things up, 2017 ran away from me. I blinked and then, POOF! It’s December.

I’ve also realized how much I missed taking a photo a day, or on crazy weeks having a photo for the week. I didn’t realize how much it kept me motivated to do other things, like blogging. So I’m committing this year to tackle my intentions with action. Starting with a list of photo prompts for taking a photo a day.

What 365 lists have you used in the past that worked for you? What do you guys do when you get into a funk? Would anyone like to commit to taking on this challenge with me?

If I were to pick a photo for today, it would be of my dog when he was being grumpy. Why was he grumpy? Well because the cat got to play in the bows while I wrapped presents, and he was jealous! He’s such a kid! So he grabbed a bow and held onto it and kept it from all of us. It was one of those, “Oh, I’m totally getting a picture of this!” moments. You’re welcome!

Stay humble and kind, and brush your teeth. 🙂


Published by dawnnichole

I am a mom, who is lucky enough to be married to an amazing, handsome, funny, talented ( i could keep going with this ) husband. And we have 4 amazing boys, and a fur-baby named Pippin. My passions are my family, friends, photography, scrapbooking, trying new recipes, reading, sports, the mountains, I'm a closet Lord of the Rings nerd... my list is long, so let's just end it here! :) This blog is to show you the world through my eyes. I hope we can help add that little bit of sunshine to your day!

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